Tie & Dye Printed Satin Scrunchies

Tie & Dye Printed Satin Scrunchies

Crafty Glam Tie and Dye Printed Silk Satin Scrunchie for your hair. These are good quality women’s scrunchies made of elastic. It is a wonderful hair tie made of satin fabric.

Delivery Time:
  • 2 to 7 days.

Elevate your hair game with our Tie and Dye Pink, Blue, Yellow with white Printed Scrunchies, where style meets fun in a burst of color! Crafted with care from premium materials, each scrunchie showcases a captivating tie-dye pattern in shades of pink, yellow and blue reminiscent of a cotton candy sky at dusk or a field of blooming cherry blossoms. These scrunchies are more than just accessories; they’re expressions of individuality and creativity. The tie-dye process ensures that each piece is uniquely yours, with its own intricate swirls and patterns, making every wear a delightful surprise. Not only do they add a playful touch to any outfit, but they’re also gentle on your hair, providing a secure hold without causing any pulling or breakage. Whether you’re styling a casual day look or dressing up for a special occasion, these Tie and Dye Printed Scrunchies are the perfect finishing touch to complete your ensemble. Embrace the vibrant energy and joyful spirit of tie-dye fashion with our Tie and Dye Pink Print Scrunchies. Let your hair do the talking and make a statement that’s as unique as you are!

Key features:

  •  High-quality durable elastic.
  • Gentle on hair and reduces frizz and hair breakage.
  • Less likely to leave creases or kinks in your hair compared to traditional elastic hair ties. 
  • Adds a luxury and elegant touch to your hairstyle
  • Versatile hair styling options from messy buns, and a sleek ponytail, to a chic half-up style, satin scrunchies provide a stylish finishing touch.
  • Good for everyday use and easy to maintain.
  • Retains shape if you follow washing instructions.


Washing Instructions: 

  • Do not use hot water.
  • Do not use a dryer to dry the scrunchies.
  • Hand Wash with a mild detergent.
  • Machine Wash by keeping scrunchies inside a laundry bag or pillow cover or inside clothes.
Tie & Dye Printed Scrunchie

Pink, Yellow, Blue, Tie& Dye Printed Satin Scrunchies Combo


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